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Ashley Judd Is Now Threatening People On Twitter

Oooooooooooo – I’ll bet Dario is relieved that his wife has got his back.


Gwyneth Paltrow Is Funny

I go back and forth on how I feel about Gwyneth Paltrow. Some days I intensely dislike her, and other days I think she’s kinda awesome.

Today, she’s awesome, because of this tweet.


Deep Tweets: By Ashley Judd

So, Ashley’s husband won yesterday’s Indycar race.  It was a total crashfest, and the driver competing with Dario for the championship, Will Power, was taken out of the race BY Dario, in a move that some people called just a “racing incident” but which others said Dario should have been penalized for.

Will Power was FURIOUS, and had some very critical things to say about Ashley’s man. In an interview on TV, Will Power said, “It doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t get a penalty, because he never gets penalized, it’s pretty typical. It was a pretty dirty move. He just turned me around. Does anyone ever penalize this guy? He’s as dirty as you like.  I left the inside open on the brakes. I’m really disappointed with Dario. I always race him clean, and he always races me dirty. He did the same at St Pete, though I didn’t say anything, and he did the same today.  Disappointed in Dario. The guy that mouths off about everyone and whines about everyone, and he’s the guy who races the most dirty, never gets a penalty from IndyCar. It’s just not right.”

And then, on Twitter, he said this:

To which Dario replied:

And then Will said:

Yeah.  He’s mad.  But here’s where it gets positively hilarious, because Dario’s WIFE got into the mix of things, and said this:

I love that.  “It’s not my place to comment, so BEHOLD MY COMMENT!”  And she didn’t stop there.

She is Actually Suggesting that Will Power, in the heat of his anger, should have considered using the term “Prince” to describe Dario, instead of “Princess,” because using “Princess” is “gendered term” which is therefore insulting to women.

OMG.  If Dario isn’t completely MORTIFIED by this, then there is seriously something wrong with him.

I had to giggle at this response to her from some other dude:


And see – this is why, despite the fact that Dario is charming and super nice and all that, I CANNOT RESPECT HIM.  Because he’s MARRIED to a woman who finds nothing wrong with opening her husband up to even MORE ridicule.


PS.  I love twitter. 🙂

Hilarious Tweet Exchange

Today, some dude from South Africa sent this tweet to Ashley Judd:


And she replied, indignantly:

I cannot tell you how much I giggled over this.  But Ashley is not a person who is especially lacking in the self-esteem department.  In fact, she’s one of the most self-promoting, self-absorbed, self-involved, self-serving, self-centered people ever, so she bounced back just an hour later by tweeting this:


I think you know what this calls for.


After Careful Deliberation….

….I have decided to share with you one of Ashley Judd’s weekend tweets. I debated about it, because I didn’t want to be the reason some of you closet Ashley-lovers ended up following her, but then I thought, “No – this is the kind of tweet that ought to be shared.”

Don’t misunderstand, I do NOT follow her. I simply LOOK at her twitter page from time to time, to see if there is anything which is particularly mockable. When I first saw this tweet, I thought, “GOD – that is SO TYPICAL ASHLEY.” And then I thought maybe it was just me who saw the annoying-ness of it, because I’m so hypersensitive to all the annoying stuff she does. But then, an alert and astute mockdocker ALSO forwarded the tweet to me, saying, “I think you’ll appreciate this Ashley Judd gem from twitter.” And I knew I wasn’t alone. And Daisy agreed that I should mock it as well.

So here you go, mockdockers:

“Imagine how fun it is to be me,” she said.  How much do you want to punch her in the face right now?  Look.  She’s even giving you a bindi target in this photo (although I like that it’s blurry because instead of looking like a bindi – which is annoying on its own – it looks like a giant zit.)

Catty? Yup.  It’s what I do. 😉

Insignificant Awareness Engine

This totally gave me the glees. 🙂

I Know This Is Terrible…

…but you guys, I giggled SO MUCH at this.

It’s not just me, right? Please tell me this made you at least smirk, too, so I don’t feel like the only bad one.


This is news which is worthy of being posted at both my sites.  CHACHI tweeted Chicks On The Right today, you guys.  And the reason is really secondary to the fact that CHACHI TWEETED US.  If you’re curious about the post that led to this, you can head on over to chicksontheright.com to see, but the point is that Scott Baio is on twitter, and I sent him a tweet to link him to the post I did about him, and he tweeted us back.

I forwarded the email alert about his tweet to Daisy, and she called me just a bit ago, completely breathless with excitement, and told me this was way bigger than anything that has happened to us to date.  I mean, forget meeting Newt Gingrich, or kissing our Governor, or getting asked to speak at our city’s tea party, or interviewing Mike Pence, or face-smashing Karl Rove.  This is SCOTT BAIO we’re talking about.  You should have heard her on the phone.  She was nearly hyperventilating.

And I’ll admit, I had a poster of him on my bedroom wall when I was a gradeschooler.  I think it might have even been this one.


Anyway, since he tweeted us, obviously Daisy and I are feeling as though we are now officially close personal friends of his.  We will alert you when he invites us over for dinner.

Best. Verb Conjugation. EVER.

Stephen Colbert. LOVE.

Tatiana Totally Twitters To Tell Her Tearful Tale Of Tragedy

So do you guys twitter? Because I don’t.  I know if I did, I would immediately cease having any sort of normal life, because I would become so addicted to it that I would never sleep.

But you know who DOES twitter?  Tatiana Del Toro, the supreme psycho wackjob who was mercifully kicked off American Idol last night.  And do you know what she twittered shortly after that glorious event?


Shortly thereafter, she said, “Cheaters apparently do win.”  Gawd.

The funniest thing of all?  She responded in earnest to a fake Paula Abdul twitter account, and doesn’t appear to actually GET that it’s fake.  Fake Paula said, “Bitch, please. You know you’ll be in the wildcard round! You live to entertain. Now please hand me my drink.”  Which is completely hilarious, right?  And any person with half a brain would realize that’s clearly not Paula Abdul, but someone IMPERSONATING Paula Abdul, but Tatiana Del Toro is so completely out of her mind that she responded by saying, “i will be back. someway, somehow, i will be back. nothing can stand in my way. this is my destiny!”

Then again, this could be a fake Tatiana twitter account too.  But I kind of don’t think it is.  I really think this is her real account, and that she really is this delusional.

I hate her so much, but now I’m kind of hoping she’ll be in the wildcard show just for the drama.

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