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Kate Gosselin’s Belly Button Freaks Me Out.


I’m not saying she doesn’t look good, because she does.  She’s had a lot of surgical help to look good, and obviously TLC has gotten their money’s worth.  I knew someone who got a tummy tuck, and I remember that the weirdest thing I found out about tummy tucks from her is that they have to completely recreate your belly button.  Apparently, they basically cut out a whole bunch of your abdominal skin, including the belly button that used to connect you to your mother, and then they have to make you a new one.  The girl I knew who got one actually was instructed by her plastic surgeon to wear a MARBLE in her newly created belly button – to make sure it stayed open.

That whole thing completely freaked me out, and now that I’m looking at Kate’s belly button, I’m thinking that her surgeon remade hers WAY TOO HIGH.  Kate has absolutely no waist to speak of, so I can’t be totally certain about this, but I think her belly button should be a good 3-4 inches lower than it is. 


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