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Troy Polamalu’s Hair Is Ridiculous

Come on, you guys. This really is absurd. According to this, Troy’s hair has now been insured for a million dollars. By Head and Shoulders.

If you’re a football player, and you’re playing against Troy, I totally don’t blame you for grabbing onto this giant pile of hair and pulling down as hard as you can.  Because I totally would, if I were a football player.

This is like Twisted Sister and Diana Ross hair fused together and then multiplied by a factor of a billion.


You Know What I Hate?


I HATE when football players are allowed to have this kind of hair.  Mr. Mock and I have settled in this evening to watch the Colts game, and Bob Sanders’ hair flashed on the screen, and I said to Mr. Mock, “You know what?  I hate that hair and I need to mock it.”

And he said, “You know whose hair is even worse?  Troy Polamalu from the Steelers.”

And it IS.  That hair is out of control.  And you know what I think?  I think if you have that hair in football, then your hair should be fair game for pulling.  I think an opposing player should be able to grab onto that hair with both hands and yank you right to the ground.  And if some of your hair comes out in that player’s hands in the process, then you TOTALLY DESERVE IT for having that hair in football. Long hair doesn’t belong in football.  Long hair belongs on girls or rockstars.


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