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In Case You Missed The Train Wreck…

BEHOLD:  The neverending saga of Jon and Kate and their hate.

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I actually watched the entire ELEVEN MINUTES of this crap. I think there’s something hypnotic about her creepy hair.


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I can’t tell you how much it pains me to post this, but I feel like I’d be neglecting my celebrity mocking duty to ignore it. Do I feel kinda bad for Kate, even though she was a controlling, crazy nightmare when she was still married to that dillweed? Yes. I do. Because while she’s dealing with a daycare’s worth of children, he’s off boinking drug-using skanks. So yeah – I have a bit of sympathy for her.

But I’m still sick of these people. And I’m sick of them having the nerve to ever say they want to keep anything private EVER, when they have thrown themselves, quite purposefully, into the spotlight whenever they possibly can.


Encore: I Still Want To Be Friends With These People

They were on the Today Show! LOVE LOVE LOVE.


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Apologies If You’ve Just Eaten, Are About To Eat, Or Ever Plan To Eat Ever.

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The most devastatingly disgusting couple of all time showed up on The Today Show to be interviewed, and the only person that apparently agreed to do the interviewing was Al Roker.

I kind of love that. Like – they sent in the weather guy because he’s dealt with winds of a deadly force before, so they probably thought he could deal with windBAGS of a deadly force too.

After this interview, Heidi and Spencer went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to complain about how poorly they were treated by Al. LOVE.


You guys – Daisy, Dame and I were talking at lunch today about how the cast of Footloose was on the Today show last week, and how Lori Singer looked like a total meth addict because of how squirmy and wiggly she was. I cannot tell you how much have always HATED Lori Singer. I hated her so much in Footloose, and I’ll tell you a secret. As much as her boyfriend (before Kevin Bacon) was a total dickhead in that movie, I was totally happy when she got punched. That’s how much I hated her.

You know what else I hated about her? I hated that she got to be one of the kids in Fame (tv version). I SO WANTED TO BE ONE OF THOSE KIDS. And every time it came on, I would sit and watch it and SEETHE that Lori Singer was on it and I wasn’t. She was a horseface and way too skinny, but worst of all she had NO TALENT. She got to go to a performing arts high school, which was like, my total DREAM, and she could neither perform nor create art in any manner, shape or form. While I toiled away as dance captain of my school show choir, singing to geriatrics at various old folks homes and to screaming unappreciative 1st graders, Lori Singer was on Fame, and in Footloose, and making out with Kevin Bacon.

So you see, my hatred was totally justified.

Nothing captures the essence of how awful she was more than this, her famous Fame solo song. William Hung would cover his ears listening to this – that’s how bad it is. I dare you to make it through the entire video without wanting to slice off your own ears and then eat them as an extra precaution against hearing her ever again.

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