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Come, Mockdockers. Come Be Dumber With Me.

This is the teaser for the season premiere? finale? I have no idea – of The Hills. And I Actually Watched the entire two minutes and 30 seconds, and then just to test myself, tried to do some math problems immediately afterwords. It’s official. This show destroys brain cells.

You’ve been warned. And encouraged. See? I appeal to everyone!

Dumbest. MTV Idea. Ever.

MTV is working on a new series called “Model Makers,” and the premise is completely stupid.  I know that’s not surprising, seeing as how it’s coming from the same network who brought us The Hills.  But this is just perpetuating an unhealthy need many women already have to become waaaay too skinny.  The premise is this: It’s a reality show which puts girls who are tall enough to be models, but not thin enough, through a grueling 12-week training program to get them skinny enough where they could be considered worthy enough of a modeling contract.  They’ll have weekly eliminations and have to stay focused on losing weight, and the winner will get 100k and some sort of modeling contract.  That’s the point of the show.  

Look at the picture above of a typical model.  You know why she looks so pissed off?  She’s freaking hungry, that’s why.  The very idea of this show is just wrong.

Can’t We Do Something About This?

This is Audrina Patridge, some other bimbo from that godawful black eye of a show, The Hills.  And she has just informed Ryan Seacrest by way of his radio show, that she is going to be in a movie.  WHY are people paying these idiots to do stuff?

Look at her.  She looks like a bored chipmunk.  I hate every single person on that show, and I kind of want to declare some sort of war against them.  Who’s with me?

Brody Jenner Offers A Thoughtful Political Analysis

Brody Jenner, son of Bruce Jenner and stepbrother to Kim Kardashian, recently alerted the media that he intends to support Barack Obama in the upcoming election.  He said:

“He’s just cool! I mean, he’s young and I think people would take us more seriously with Iraq and everything…”

A more astute and insightful reason to vote for someone  – I simply have not heard.  I look forward, with great anticipation, to his thoughts on the mortgage crisis and the decreasing value of the US dollar on this week’s episode of The Hills.

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