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Headin’ Home!

We just drove through Kentucky, and this billboard made me giggle SO MUCH.  “Tattoos While You Wait.”  Isn’t that the greatest?  I tried to convince Mr. Mock to let us stop there, so that I could go in and say that I didn’t want to wait – I simply wanted a tattoo to go – but he is all anxious to get home. 

So you know what one of my most favorite things about Atlanta is?  Ippolito’s garlic rolls.  If you have not had an opportunity to try one of these delicacies, you MUST make up a reason to go to Atlanta and have one.  That’s how worth it they are.  They will also make you virtually impossible to be around for several days after you eat them, because the amount of garlic that they put on them is enough to kill off the entire cast of Twilight several times over.

Still.  You should try them.

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