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Not Content To Destroy Her Body…

…Tara Reid has started to surgically alter her face, too.  You’d think she’d have learned her lesson by now, but instead, she’s decided to try for the LaToya Jackson look.


We’re about to board the plane for home, mockdockers, which bums me out in a big way because we’ve had SO MUCH FUN, but I miss my boys and am excited to love on them.  Last night was Zumanity, which was positively excellent, but even though I smiled and beamed at the cast, and looked as receptive as I possibly could to public humiliation, we were not chosen to be humiliated.  The best I got was a strawberry from one of the giant almost-naked landbeast women during the pre-show.  Still – we loved the show and had a blast.

More tomorrow after things settle back down into normalcy.  🙂

Tara Reid Needs More Twinkies And Less Plastic Surgery

I mean, her body has been RAVAGED, you guys.  It’s like a bad science experiment.  Her boobs are lopsided and the rest of her is just a bony, blotchy mess.

I almost feel bad enough for her to MAIL her some twinkies.  Like – I’m thinking we should start some sort of Twinkies For Tara fund (assuming that doesn’t provoke another costly round of plastic surgery).  Who’s with me?

Yeah, I Don’t Think Rehab “Took”


I could be wrong, but it appears that Tara Reid probably could use another 90 days.

Look Who’s Out Of Rehab!


Awww.  Tara Reid actually looks normal!  I mean, yeah – her dress is a tad on the skankariffic side, but look at her FACE.  She’s all sober and alert and clear looking.

Perhaps there is hope for her. 

Or perhaps she’ll relapse and give us some good material.

Either way.


Tara Reid has entered rehab for treatment of an undisclosed nature.  This means we’re all safe from beach photos of her crazy uneven surgical nightmare of a mid-section for at least a couple months.

Public Service Announcement

If you are considering liposuction or any kind of plastic surgery whatsoever, take this picture of Tara Reid with you to your plastic surgeon as an example of how you DO NOT want to look.

You’ve all seen her front plenty of times, but it turns out the back isn’t any better.  Her doctor shouldn’t just have his license revoked – he should be forced to HAVE plastic surgery that looks like this.

Um…Courtney, I Don’t Think This Is How Your Stomach Is Supposed To Look

What the hell?  Did she use Tara Reid’s plastic surgeon?

Tara Reid Continues To Raise The Bar


If you thought Tara Reid had reached the height of her skankiness, and were worried that she might start classing it up, you’ll be relieved to see that she’s as skankalicious as ever.

Tara Reid Miiiiight Drink On Flights

This is Tara Reid after landing in LAX.  It might be mean to say she looks drunk, but it’s probably meaner to say she’s just plain hideous, so I thought I’d go with the lesser of two means.

Tara Reid Has a Horrible New Haircut


Other sites are reporting that this photo of Tara Reid suggests that she might be intoxicated.  But I’m betting it has less to do with alcohol than it does the fact that she weights about 68 pounds.  I don’t think her legs are capable of supporting her anymore.  Thank goodness that this guy, who looks like the byproduct of Clive Owen and Michael Stipe, was there to stop Tara from wiping out completely.

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