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The Dreaded Pearls Are BACK

You know how much I hate those big giant stupid pearls that Ashley Judd insists on wearing, right?  I think I’ve mentioned that several times before.   They’re back tonight, for the Indy 500 banquet, and you can see them in the below screen grab:

I think she’s scowling there because she’s not, in that moment, being fawned over by someone.  It was post-race photo op day earlier this morning, and naturally, it was All. About. Ashley.  Can you even tell, from this picture, who actually WON the race? Because she’s a thunder-stealer, that Ashley.

Dario is a swell guy, so I take nothing away from HIM for his win.  It’s his insufferable wife who makes me root against him.  That said, I LOATHE his hair.  You know who he looks like with that hair?

Talladega Nights, anyone?

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