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You Wanna See Something Adorable?

Junior Mock gets to have swim therapy twice a week at his school, and he LOVES it.  And for those of you who remember Junior Mock’s challenges , you might be wondering, “How the heck does a kid with absolutely no mobility go swimming?”

Well, I’ll tell you.  They fit him with this neckular contraption – which is like a life vest that fastens around his neck and spans several inches all around him, and he just hangs in the water.  It’s the only time EVER that he can not only relax all of his muscles completely, but also he can move himself with very small arm/leg movements, across the pool.  He gets to be mobile, with no fancy equipment.  And it’s a joy for him.

The first time I saw him dangling in the pool with this contraption, I giggled SO MUCH.  Not just because he looks kinda goofy, but because he gets this hilarious grin on his face whenever he gets to “swim.”  He just loves it.

And remember his bus aide I told you about, who was mostly responsible for the ENORMOUS bouquet of balloons that came for Junior Mock when he was in the hospital?  Well, not only does he ride the bus with Junior Mock everyday, but he also now works in his classroom, and he snapped a few photos for me.  And here is my favorite.  I defy you to look at it and not smile.



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