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Susan Boyle’s First Single

If not for the fact that it’s about 2 minutes too long, I would say that I genuinely like this.

On the other hand, who knew a Stones song could sound like an Enya album?

This Is Who Won Britain’s Got Talent

Beating out Susan Boyle – dance troupe Diversity won the show this weekend. And you guys, they are FLAT AWESOME. I have absolutely no idea how a mini-superman appears and then disappears in the middle of this performance, but it doesn’t even matter because the whole thing is just amazing.


Mel Gibson Sort Of Explains Himself, But Not Really

Wow. I love that Jay kind of corners him a couple of times, and it’s clear that ole Mel is nervous and fidgety. And seriously – who gives a rat’s assular area if his girlfriend can play piano? I mean, REALLY?

I loved the Susan Boyle reference SO MUCH.

You Know What I Love?

I love when people like Susan Boyle show up on talent shows and completely surprise the crap out of everyone. And I love Simon Cowell’s reaction to them. Look at this frumpified woman blowing everyone away.

And I love this crazy stripping landbeast. LOVE.

And I actually love the other two judges too – not just Simon. That woman in the middle is positively gorgeous and she’s an emotional sap. I love that about her. And the other snooty British dude is fabulous.


Thanks to the alert and astute mockdocker for sending me the link to the contestant photos. LOVE!

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