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Cheese Tesselation

I wish I knew who to attribute this to, but it showed up in my email without a cartoonist name, and love it SO MUCH.  The sad face at the bottom totally makes MY face sad.  And I have never even really paid attention to the cheese tesselation which Subway is obviously NOT DOING CORRECTLY.

Come on, Subway.  Make this a life worth living.

UPDATE: An alert and astute mockdocker found the source of the cartoon! You can see more work right here!

Inexplicable Subway Outfit


I’m going to go out on a limb here, and guess that this person is often extremely lonely.

You guys – Mr. Mock and I took Mini-Mock out for dinner tonight, and we went to an Italian place where they serve the most delicious Shrimp Scampi, which is basically like a small bowl of shrimp SMOTHERED in garlic and lemon sauce, and every time I order it I enjoy the crap out of it…until I get home.  You would not believe the amount of garlic that I actually consume when I eat this particular shrimp scampi.  I mean, there are actual CHUNKS of garlic in there, that I end up eating whole.  And now that I’m home, I reek so much that I can hardly stand to be around myself.  Mr. Mock is sitting across the room because I am that unbearable to be around.  At least HE can escape.  I am sort of stuck with myself.

And the thing is, I’ll still reek tomorrow – even after I’ve showered.  It takes a few days for this much garlic to work itself out of my system.  And I know this, before I order it, yet I order it anyway.

I have a hunch that I’m going to feel about as lonely as the subway dude tomorrow…because no one will want to come within 3 yards of me.

Best Reason To Call 911 EVER

OMG I love this story SO MUCH.

So apparently, some dude named Reginald in Jacksonville, Florida went to Subway for a sandwich.  And he ordered the spicy Italian sandwich.  And to his HORROR, the Subway people left the sauce off.

Let’s stop right there.  What might you do if you ordered a sandwich at Subway and it wasn’t prepared to your liking? First of all, I don’t even understand how it’s possible given that Subway is set up such that you WATCH THEM MAKE YOUR SANDWICH right before your very eyes.  But in the event that they left off sauce, which I happened to want, I would probably say something like, “Excuse me, kind Subway person, but could you please add a little sauce to this sandwich” or something to that effect.

But that’s not what you do if you’re Reginald from Jacksonville. If you’re Reginald from Jacksonville, you have a complete meltdown at the Subway people, such that they become afraid enough of you that they throw you out and lock the doors.  And THEN, you call 911.  Not just once, but twice even.  First, so you can alert the emergency dispatchers that Subway has not made your sandwich correctly, and second, to YELL AT THEM for not sending help quickly enough.  

And, if you’re Reginald from Jacksonville, you also refuse to calm down when the police arrive, such that they end up having to ARREST YOU.

It would be funny if it weren’t true.

Who am I kidding.  This sh*t is HILARIOUS.  I <heart> Reginald from Jacksonville.

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