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You Know What I Love?

I love that you mockdockers send me emails filled with photos of landbeasts and cute animals and videos of Robbie Williams and Victoria Beckham.  I love that most of you are far away from the midwest and that we’ll likely never meet, but you know me well enough to know that I will get total enjoyment from the videos and pictures you send.  LOVE.

This photo was no exception.   This is like the Princess of Subguts.  The Queen was posted over a year ago.

I don’t think we’ll ever find someone to top the queen.

No pun intended.

Drag Racing


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this photo of a drag race.  Get it?  HA HA HA HA!  A drag race.

Is it weird that I looked right past them because the subgut on a spectator was like a BEACON for my eyes?


2009-09-29_203457 2009-09-29_203658

Some questions:

1.  What is the chick on our left wearing, exactly?  Is it a miniskirt which has ridden up? Is it a skort that’s just way too small?  And does she NOT FEEL THE BREEZE?

2.  What in the frackety freak is happening right under the skirtular area of the chick on our right?  Is that a subgut?  Or is she in the process of delivering a child in breech position?



What are all of those straps to?  I see one that I think goes to the water bottle on the left of the photo, one that goes for the subgut pack she’s digging into, but then what’s the thing on the right?  Is that some sort of pinwheel?

Secondly, if she shifted the subgut pack to the other side, does that mean that her actual subgut would also then shift over, such that more of it would hang on the right side of the picture instead of the left?  Or do you think she just naturally has more subgut on one side?

Lastly, what is the white line that appears to connect her ice cream treat and her subgut pack?  Anybody have any guesses on that?

Morbid obesity is fascinating.

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