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I love the whole “Between Two Ferns” series, and my favorite of ALL TIME is the one with Bradley Cooper, because you CANNOT BEAT a random Carrot Top appearance, but this one is a close second:


You guys.  According to this,  Ricky Gervais is going to reprise his role as David Brent with a guest appearance on THE OFFICE, for the season finale.  I don’t know when that is, so I can’t give you the date but it doesn’t matter because you just need to watch The Office between now and whenever Ricky Gervais is on it, because RICKY GERVAIS is going to be on it.

This could potentially be such an explosion of humor that worlds could literally collide from the sheer hilarity of it.

Can. Not. Wait.

What do you think – will he and Michael Scott bond or hate each other?

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