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We Are Equal Opportunity Mockers

So that we can’t ever be accused of only mocking the enormous, gigantic, and freakishly large , I have decided that you all need to see the other side.  The opposite of enormous, gigantic and freakishly large.

An alert mockdocker turned me on to the hideousness you see below. 

You have to wonder if the make-up artist even notices the fact that she’s applying lipstick to a CORPSE in boots. She looks utterly unfazed by this chick’s skinniness.  But this one’s my favorite:

There needs to be a serious role reversal here.  Not that the chick being fed wouldn’t benefit from eating whatever sort of delicious looking pastries those are, but the FEEDER chick should eat 4 tables worth of those on an hourly basis for the next year, so that she MIGHT have the potential to look like an actual human again. 

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