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Sister Wives – Anyone Watch?

Did you guys catch the premiere of Sister Wives earlier this week? The reality show about the dude in Utah (of course) with 3 wives, who’s about to add a fourth?

I loved the show, in much the same way as I enjoy any freak show. Like the shows about people who are covered with hair, or about people who only eat french fries, or Hoarders. I love them all.

The women on Sister Wives seemed surprisingly well-adjusted and, you know, normal. This is, of course, why they were chosen for a reality show. Because we, the audience, are expected to think, “Oh look! This is totally working for them, and so we should just consider this a normal, regular thing and accept it.”

I’ll admit it. There were moments where I thought, “Well, sure. They seem like lovely people who are making a very unusual situation work for them.” But then afterwords I found myself thinking, “This is wack. Not to mention, you know, illegal and stuff.”

And now, according to this, they’re being investigated by the police. The family says, “We are di$appointed in the announcement of an inve$tigation, but when we decided to do thi$ $how, we knew there would be ri$k$. But for the $ake of our family, and mo$t importantly, our kid$, we felt it wa$ a ri$k worth taking.

Yes. It’s ALWAYS good for kids to have a home filled with tv crews and cameras. Don’t you see how they HAD TO DO THIS? FOR THE CHILDREN????

Don’t you?

New Train Wreck Reality Series

It’s like HBO’s Big Love, only it’s REAL LIFE.

Obviously, I’ll have to watch this.

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