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No. Fair.

So I was just sitting around thinking about how much I loved that premiere of the show Glee, which got me to reminiscing about show choir, which prompted me to look up show choirs on youtube. And you know what I found? This.

Some show choir in Fairfield, OH got to sing a ROBBIE WILLIAMS song. My show choir never sang anything this cool. You know what we sang? The theme from St Elmo’s Fire and Mack The Knife.

You know what I need to do? Find an show choir for 40 year olds. And I will resume my post as Dance Captain and my choir will sing nothing but Robbie Williams songs. And then Robbie Williams will find out about this choir, and he will be flattered by it, and he will then call me up and say, “You know what, Mock? You deserve a private concert from me once a month, at the location of your choice.” And I will say, “Robbie – for the first month’s concert I choose the foot of my bed, and I would like you to sing nothing but ballads which Mr. Mock and I will snuggle to.” And he will say, “All right then, Mock, but how will I be able to resist getting into bed with you when you are so perfectly gorgeous and awesome?” And I will say, “Robbie – you’re just going to have to control yourself, for God’s sake. I’m a married woman.” And he will say, “How have I lived this long without you in my life?” And I will tell him I have no idea.

I need to look into this choir thing A.S.A.P.

Meantime, you probably ought to watch the awesomeness that is Robbie performing the original song that the Fairfield, OH show choir sang. Because I love him, and it’s almost my birthday, and it’s not that much to ask. Plus, no one makes an entrance like Robbie.


What did those of you who watched the premiere of Glee last week think of it? I love love love love loved it. LOVE. And above is a deleted scene clip of the teacher singing one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME. And he’s fantastic at it.

I cannot wait for this to start up again in the fall. LOVE.

Waaaay back when I was in show choir in high school, there was this hilarious guy in it with me who to this DAY has not come out of the closet. And there is no question that he is as gay as the day is long. This is a guy who would discuss fashion with enormous enthusiasm, and who could throw out the meanest set of jazz hands you’ve ever seen. He referred to his outfits as “ensembles” and had several that came in shades of mint green. Years later, long after we’d graduated, I ran into him at a mall. And he was in the fanciest ensemble I’d seen to date. You guys – he was wearing a top hat and a black-with-red-satin-lining CAPE.

In a mall.

And honestly, I don’t think he was even on his way somewhere else. I think this was typical mall gear for him. I don’t think anyone in the mall would have been the least bit surprised if he’d just broken out in song at any moment, because he looked every bit like a performer, and not at all like a regular human being.

As it happens, he’s now married, a practicing lawyer, and I believe living in the United Emirates somewhere. Someday, he’ll come out.


You Know What I Can’t Do?


This. I cannot do this. And I don’t know that I can’t do it because I’ve tried it. I know I can’t do it because I am HOPELESSLY uncoordinated (despite the fact that I was a dance captain in my show choir in high school). I would break my neck doing this.

But how cool does it look? LOVE.

Tea Party Day!


I know I have a whole other site dedicated to politics, so I’m not talking politics here other than to say that I won’t be posting more until later this evening, because Daisy and I are headed to our local Tea Party this afternoon!  We will not, just as an FYI, dress like the dude in the picture above. 

HOWEVER, Daisy, Leroy and I are busy planning our Britney Spears concert attire and we have some grand ideas.  And, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve decided to post the photos afterwords.  Aren’t you excited?  I figured since I didn’t come through for you all with photos or video from high school show choir, this would make it up to you. But you’ll have to wait, obviously, till after the 28th.

Happy Tea Party Day!

Can. Not. WAIT.

I totally cannot wait for this show.

In case I have not mentioned it 278 times, I was a Dance Captain in my high school show choir. I know that sounds really dorky, and Mr. Mock makes fun of me all the time for it, but you guys, I am telling you, we were Really Cool.

I remember being in middle school, when the high school show choir would come and perform for us, and I would watch then in awe and think to myself, “That will totally be me someday. I too, will get out of classes like trigonometry and physics, because of my choir commitments.”

You had to audition for our show choir, and you also had to be at least a junior. So I had to covet a position within the show choir for several years before I actually was eligible to join it. And auditions were totally stressful. I am not making it up when I tell you that MANY MANY PEOPLE were turned away. This was because of how totally cool our show choir happened to be. And you couldn’t be a dance captain until you were a senior. Dance captaining was Very Important, because as a dance captain you would learn choreography from the Real Choreographer in the evenings, and then during class you were responsible for teaching the moves to the rest of the group. Enormous responsibility, as you can imagine.

In case you’re not yet convinced of the coolness of my show choir, allow me to share our pre-show ritual.

We would gather in a circle, cross arms and link hands with both of the people next to us, forming a huge human chain, and then whoever was selected by our director to be the Chosen One of that particular show would lead the group in the following chant:

Chosen One: Vim.
Group: Vim.
Chosen One: Vigor.
Group: Vigor.
Chosen One: Vitality.
Group: Vitality.
Chosen One: What are we gonna do?
Group: We’re going to ROCK.

You’re jealous right now, aren’t you. A little jealous, and a little awestruck by my coolness. I know.

Anyway, a show dedicated to glee clubs with Jane Lynch in it? Slam dunk.

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