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Shelbyville, Indiana: We Grow ‘Em Tall, And We Grow ‘Em Old

Remember how I posted some time ago about how the tallest lady ever died in Shelbyville, Indiana?  Well, now the OLDEST lady in the world has just died there.  And not only that, but she died in the SAME NURSING HOME as the tallest lady.  How crazy is that?

Edna Parker died at age 115.  That means, you guys, that she was born in 1893.  Can you even imagine?  She was widowed in 1939, and lived on the farmhouse she shared with her late husband until she was 100.  Only then did she move in with her son for a short time, before going to the nursing home where the tallest lady lived.   

There is something really World Recordy about that nursing home.  So, I guess if you want to be the -est of something (shortest? thinnest? craziest?) you might want to go there.

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