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WARNING: This Could Be The Least Informative Mock Dock Post Of All Time


Apparently, those are some Kardashians, and one of them just got married to someone.  I can’t force myself to care any more than that.  I’m sorry.

Totally off-topic – you know what I did today?  I got to work, and opened up my calendar, and noticed that the very first note-to-self on there was a very cryptic message that read as follows:  “Follow up with SW.”

Now, on first glance, I immediately thought of someone at work who happens to have those initials, but then I remembered that when I originally wrote that note-to-self, I specifically said to myself, “Self – remember when you read this note in a couple of weeks that it has nothing to do with SW (meaning the person with whom those initials are associated).”

But here’s the thing.  I could not, for the life of me, remember what SW stood for.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that all of a sudden, out of the clear blue, it hit me.  SW stood for SHAKEWEIGHT!  And my note to self was a reminder that if I hadn’t received my shakeweight by today, that I should call them to follow up.

This should serve as a lesson that if you ever write a note to yourself, it is helpful to spell stuff out.

Just fyi.

Shakeweight Product Review


So there it is.  The Shakeweight.

And I have to tell you, I’m totally disappointed.   Back when an alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video, I assumed, wrongly, that there was something battery-powered or mechanical about this thing.  But you guys, this particular piece of exercise equiment requires a person to do all the work.

This is completely unacceptable.  I thought I would be fighting against work that it was going to do on its own, which I could totally buy into.  I can buy into defensive exercise.  But with the shakeweight, you basically have to just stand there and shake it.  I suppose if you did that for 6 minutes (which, by the way, is the most completely random suggested amount of time to spend on a particular piece of exercise equipment EVER), then your arms might get tired and you might feel some muscle strain in them.  But it kiiind of seems like you could just as easily shake a a jar of peanut butter and get the same effect.

I haven’t yet tried the accompanying DVD – and perhaps that will make all the difference in the world.  Who knows. 

But you know what?  I think I ought to invent the kind of shakeweight that shakes on its own, and then requires you to fight against it by trying to hold it steady while it shakes the crap out of itself.  In fact, I think I will trademark my new invention as “The Defensive Exerciser” and market it against the shakeweight.

I’m telling you, I can win.

Meantime, I’ll try shaking this thing some more, and will let you know how it goes.


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video, and I am officially SCARRED FOR LIFE.

On a happier note, the SHAKEWEIGHT HAS ARRIVED. I haven’t taken it out of the box yet though, because I am lazy. But I’ll do that today and tell you about it soon. Promise. Meantime, let’s join together in being scarred from life from this video.

Happily, I Am Unqualified To Product Test This.


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this link to the Mangroomer, a do it yourself back hair removal system.  It makes me giggle.

But you know what doesn’t make me giggle?  The fact that I still have not received my Shakeweight, even though it’s been 3 weeks since I ordered it, and even though I paid the $9.95 to get it shipped “express” which supposedly would take no more than 5-7 days.

So naturally, I called the Life-Hating People at ShakeWeight to inquire.  The following conversation ensued:

Life Hating Person:  Shakeweight can I help you.

Me:  Yeah – I ordered on the 26th of August, and I haven’t received it yet.

LHP:  It takes between 4-6 weeks to ship.

Me:  But see, I paid for the express shipping.

LHP:  What is your order number?

Me:  (gives LHP order number)

LHP:  Yeah, well, the response to the product has been overwhelming, so we’re really backlogged.

Me:  That’s all well and good, and I am delighted for you, but that doesn’t change the fact that I paid for express shipping to avoid, you know, having to wait the 4-6 weeks.

LHP:  Well, everything is really behind, due to the huge response.

Me:  Okaaaaaay, so then when might I expect the product to be shipped?

LHP:  In about 4-6 weeks.

Me:  And will you be refunding my express shipping costs?

LHP:  Well, we haven’t charged your credit card yet, because we haven’t shipped the shakeweight to you yet.

Me:  So, when you guys DO get around to shipping it to me, do you intend to charge me for express shipping?

LHP:  Well, that was how you ordered it.

Me:  Right.  I ordered it to be express-shipped in 5-7 days.  It’s now 3 weeks later, and you’re telling me it hasn’t been shipped.  So since we’re already past the point of it being express-shipped, I’m telling you that I no longer want to be CHARGED for express-shipment.  Let me know if that logic makes sense to you.

LHP:  Well, I guess I could adjust your order so that you’re charged only for regular shipping.

Me:  Hey – you know what?  That’s a great idea.  Good job.  Now then – if we change it to regular shipping, when do you expect that it might actually be shipped?

LHP:  Well, we’re really behind.  Probably 4-6 more weeks.

Me:  Perfect.

Yeah.  This is totally reminiscent of the Kinoki Foot Pad ordeal, which means that by the time the Shakeweight actually arrives, it’ll be available down the street at Walgreen’s.


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