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Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Needs A Breathmint

EIther she’s got a really bad taste in her mouth, or Samantha Ronson is perpetually pissed off.  WHAT is that face?

Oh, It’s ON Now.

So I hadn’t mentioned it before, because I couldn’t summon up enough energy to care, but a couple days ago, Lindsay Lohan’s dad talked to the media about how disappointed he was in Lindsay’s relationship with the shemale in the picture above. 

Michael Lohan is like, the creepiest of creeps, and insists on trying to have a relationship with his daughter via OK Magazine and US Weekly.  So now, to my delight, both Lindsay and her beloved have taken to the blogosphere to denounce him.  It’s kind of awesome.  Read their entries in full after the jump.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Girlfriend Likes Wee-Wee’s After All

Just ON her though.  Not so much IN her.  Just ON her.

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