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Did You Expect Anything Else?


Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn are separated again.   Because he’s Sean Penn.  I have no idea how Robin managed to spend 13 years with that dillweed.

We’re headed back home from Chicago now!  If I make it home at a reasonable time, and am not totally exhausted from the pure joy that was this trip, I will recap the Britney show later tonight.  Because I know you guys have been waiting at the edge of your laptops for that, unable to focus on anything in your regular lives, breathless with anticipation for the Britney Concert Update.

Patience, my friends.



Sean Penn finally went and drove the Princess Bride to her limit.  The couple, who has kids named Dylan and HOPPER, for pete’s sake, are splitting after 11 years of marriage.  I don’t know how she lasted as long as she did.

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