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Score One For The TSA

So according to this, some TOTAL LUNATIC tried to smuggle seven snakes and three turtles onto a plane.

But it gets better. He had hidden them in his pants.

It’s as if he woke up that morning and thought to himself, “What is the single grossest thing I could do to completely freak Mock out and get her to write about me on The Mock Dock?”

Well played, weirdo. Well played.

There’s absolutely no way I’m putting pictures of snakes and turtles here, because then I’d have to look at them. So here’s a couple of orangutans singing Robbie Williams songs.

You can tell they’re Robbie Williams songs, because of the PURE JOY AND ECSTASY on their faces.


An incredibly alert and astute mockdocker sent me the latest Take That video which is fronted by the incomparable and awesome Robbie Williams, and I hadn’t seen it, and probably wouldn’t have seen it because I have NO TIME IN MY LIFE FOR ANYTHING right now, and so I could totally FACESMASH TO PIECES this particular mockdocker, because LOOK AT HOW TOTALLY DREAMY Robbie is in it.


Today Is Junior Mock’s Birthday!

And even though he can’t communicate, I SENSED that he really wanted me to share this new Robbie Williams single with you. I also sensed that he’d be pretty irritated if you just smirk at the fact that I’m posting this and skip over the video. In fact, I EXTRA SENSED that he’d be upset if you didn’t at least listen to the first minute, intently, absorbing the awesomeness that is Robbie.

You wouldn’t want to upset Junior Mock, now would you? That would just be mean.

Junior Mock LOVES Robbie Williams. 🙂


Have we talked about packing for trips before?

I can’t remember if we have, but I saw a photo today which made me realize that I am not the WORST overpacker on the planet. I mean, I’m an overpacker, don’t get me wrong, but I am not the WORST.

My luggage is always perilously close to being heavy enough to be tagged “HEAVY” and get an extra charge slapped on it. This makes Mr. Mock totally crazy. Especially when we’re packing to go somewhere beachy, where we’ll basically wear our swimsuits all week long, and barely need Actual Clothing. But before we go, I always feel like I have to plan for every possible scenario. I mean, what if the weather is unpredictable? What if we decide to go out for a fancy dinner or two? What if we run into Robbie Williams and I spill something on myself from excitement and I need a change of clothes for the private concert he’d invariably put on for me because he felt bad about the spilling?

I just like to be prepared, is all.

But generally, I do not overpack to the extent that I actually pack EVERYTHING, like this dude.

Obviously, Today Will Be Awesome

Look what I just got in the mail!

It’s 3 CD’s of glorious, fabulous, Robbie Williams tuneage. And if that weren’t enough, it’s a book of photos like these:

Hotness – Thy name is Robbie.

It’s Monday, BUT LOOK!

Best way to kill the Monday morning blues EVER. 🙂

Obviously, I’m going to need BOTH the CD and DVD. Personally delivered to me by Robbie Williams.

You can go ahead and add that to the list of stuff you’re planning on getting me for Christmas.

Mark Your Calendars, Mockdockers!

September 20 – that’s the day that Robbie Williams’ new tell-all is being released. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

How much do you love his accent? CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT.

LOOK At How Gorgeous

They are an INSANELY beautiful couple.  Ridiculous.  I would kill for her hair.  And I’m officially irritated that this magazine is not available for purchase in the US.  That I know of.

Excerpt from the article: “An excitable Robbie couldn’t contain his pride as he saw his beautiful bride for the first time, explaining that ‘Ayda looked like the most beautiful girl in the world. The setting was so magical, and to be surrounded by family and close friends and then see Ayda appear looking so radiant was almost too much for me to take… I’m the happiest man alive‘”.

Awww. Doesn’t he sound so sweet, so romantic, so heterosexual?


TAKE THAT, Mockdockers Who Tease Me About Robbie Williams’ Gayness

According to this, he got married yesterday.


The same woman, in fact, who appears below:

That’s his long time GIRLFRIEND, Ayda Field. Now his wife. With whom he’ll likely have babies. And continue to NOT BE GAY.

If I weren’t already married to the hottest man alive, I’d be mourning right now. Instead, I’m happy for Robbie, and hopeful that his new marriage will inspire him to write lots of awesome songs and then tour. In Indianapolis. At my house.


Greatest Hits album being released in a couple months.  This is the album cover.

That is all.

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