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You Know What I Need?

I need to be cloned.

Do you ever have those days where there is so much to do that you feel like you can’t possibly do it all without several extra sets of you?  That was today.

But the best thing happened yesterday and I completely forgot to tell you guys about it.  Remember how I told you about that precious salesman, Roger, from Ralph Lauren in Chicago?  The one who was so sweet to me and Daisy and Leroy when we went to Chicago to see Britney?

Well, a week or so after we returned, I sent Roger the photos that we took with him while shopping at his store, along with a note to tell him how much we all enjoyed meeting him and how completely precious we thought he was.  And yesterday, in the mail, I got a handwritten letter back from him on official Ralph Lauren stationary!  And you guys – it was so positively British and Masterpiece Theater-like.  I love Roger so much.

Here is what his letter said:

Dear Mockarena, Daisy, and Leroy,


Thank you very much for sending the photos – it is important to document such moments of fun and madness!


We look forward to your next visit – have a brilliant summer!


With business-like love – Roger

HOW MUCH do you want to put Ralph Lauren’s Roger directly into your pocket after reading that? Is that not the cutest? “With business-like love.” LOVE.

The Mother Of All Mock Dock Posts – With The Promised Photo(s)

I say that not because this post will be particularly clever or funny or mocky, but because I have SO MUCH to tell you about this Chicago trip that I’m quite certain it will be the longest post in Mock Dock history.  So, if you’re interested, plan on staying awhile.  If you’re not interested, just scroll down to the more tolerable bite-size posts that are typical of The Mock Dock. 

Ok.  So we started our journey on Tuesday morning at 10ish, and piled into Leroy’s giant tricked out Tahoe.  Leroy, God bless ‘er, was SICK AS A DOG, but still totally psyched and ready for the festivities, and armed with loads of OTC drugs to combat funk symptoms.  So off we went.

Naturally, we blasted the latest Britney Spears album pretty much the whole way there.  We got to our hotel (Westin on Michigan Ave – just a few steps from Water Tower), threw our stuff in the room, and headed out to shop at H&M and Filene’s Basement before grabbing lunch/dinner at Ditka’s.  We had absolutely amazing service at pretty much every establishment we patroned over this past two days, and Ditka’s was no exception.  Food was delish, and our bartender/waiter was precious.  We stayed there a couple hours and then went back to the room to prepare for the Mother Of All Concerts. 

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