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I’m Confused


When I look at the puppy, I melt.  I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE.  But then I see this poor creature desperately avoiding making direct eye contact with Mischa Barton, and I see how NOT GOOD she looks here, and then I no longer like the picture.  I want to look at the puppy, but it requires looking at Mischa Barton.  There’s no win-win here.

She is at a loss for words, alright?

So, first off, this video has very, VERY saucy language. And I normally would refrain from posting such a potty-mouthed rant, but I MUST be the one to mock this. So, consider yourself warned.

This is a reaction video to the terrible, horrible video posted on the Internet yesterday showing a US marine throwing a puppy off of a cliff in some desert-type place (I’m assuming Iraq). Several people were very outraged, and yes, in case you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the worst video ever, so don’t try to find it and watch it. Take my word for it. I heard today that the marine in question will be investigated, and that the US Marine Corp is ashamed that this individual is acting against their high moral code. So don’t go crazy and start insulting our fine men serving our country here on the MockDock, got it?

Now that I got all of that out of the way, on to the mocking. This girl here….wow. She obviously has a vocabulary of about 50 words max. And, she has one favorite word that starts with an F. But, even though dogs aren’t her biggest fan, she would rather by crimpled than to support our country. That video she saw on U-Tooooob was f-ing awful, and she thinks that puppy had not RIGHT to die that way. In case you get the impression that she thinks it was the puppy’s fault, oh no….it’s George Bush’s fault. Alright?

Man I love free speech. It gives all of us here at the Mock Dock so much material.

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