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This Chick Is A Moron

Seriously – if you are too stupid to realize that you probably shouldn’t wear that “dress” to a HIGH SCHOOL PROM, then you shouldn’t even be allowed to be in high school. And judging by Marche’s less-than-stellar communication skills, she’s probably better suited to several more years of middle school anyway.

Hey Marche – stop AXING people questions about your dress and your prom, and try opening a BOOK.



Awww – this kid wrote a song to ask a girl to the prom. Total sweetness.

Junior Mock’s Prom

You guys, I think I can safely say that Junior Mock had a totally kickass time at his prom. 🙂

His school is closing next month, which really sucks because this means that this was his first and last prom. It’s the only prom for special needs kids, and so kids from other schools come to it, and now – it doesn’t appear that they will have anywhere to go in the future. Huge bummer.

ANYWAY, Junior Mock’s bus driver Donna made him a corsage, and Junior Mock’s caregiver J bought him his outfit, including the first tie he’s ever worn, and she and her mom were giving him a shower when I got home from work to get him all ready. Once we had him dressed, he just looked so completely handsome I could hardly stand it.  Here he is posing with J, his best friend in the whole wide world:

He’s only 13, but he’s a total stud.  I mean, let’s face it.  J is uber-hot. 🙂

Here he is with his brother:

The school did a great job with set-up.  The gym was decorated in a Hollywood theme, and there was a red carpet along the hallway, and each kid got to have their name on a star which was then placed along the red carpet, like the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.  Here’s Junior and Mini at the end of it:

Once we got inside, and the music was blaring and there were people everywhere who FLOCKED to see Junior Mock, he was in total heaven.  Look at the pure joy:

Mini-mock tuckered out pretty quickly, so he and I along with my mom headed home early and let Junior stay at his prom with J and her mom.  The moment Junior got home, I put him to bed and he was OUT.  He had such a good time. 🙂

And I know how you guys love his smile, because really – who doesn’t?  So here’s another pic just to show it off one more time:

Is he not the most handsome boy EVER???

Ooo – That’s Going To Hurt

It’s not often that a photo captures the moment BEFORE total blindness occurs.

You guys, totally off topic, but do you want to hear the cutest thing ever?  Junior Mock has PROM this Friday night.  And it’s like a family prom, which means we all get to go and watch all the kids be dressed up.  Mini-Mock gets to go, and my mom is going to go, and Junior Mock’s caregiver is going to go, and there will be lots of food and a live band and a bunch of adorable kids in wheelchairs dressed up for prom.

Junior Mock’s bus driver is going too – and she’s making a corsage for Junior Mock to give to his long time girlfriend.  Junior Mock has been in the same class with his girlfriend since they were 3 years old.  Both of them are non-verbal and in wheelchairs, but they always figure out a way to hold hands.  Junior Mock’s caregiver has even caught them having little lovers’ quarrels, where his girlfriend will grab Junior Mock’s bib if she doesn’t think he’s paying enough attention to her.  They are SO CUTE.  I can’t wait to go and take loads of pictures.

None of that, of course, has anything to do with the chick in the above picture about to be blinded by a psychotic cat, but you guys are used to my random subject changes by now.

The Zit Chronicles

You guys, ordinarily I wouldn’t be quite this obsessive about a single zit, but remember how I told you yesterday  that I was developing a zit on my chin of volcanic proportions?

Well, I’m telling you, I’ve never encountered a zit of this magnitude in my life. Yesterday, I complained enough to Bunny about my zit that she said, “Ok.  Here’s what we’re going to do.  This zit isn’t going to know what hit it.  You’re going to douse it with pure rubbing alcohol before you go to bed, and you’re going to slather it with zit cream, and by morning, you should notice a dramatic improvement.”

So that’s exactly what I did.  And not only did it not work, it simply made the zit angry, so much so that it woke me up several times during the night, just to remind me of its superiority.  It’s currently one of those under-the-surface zits that is unpoppable.  It’s just there, festering, growing, and causing me undue stress and pain.

So when I woke up this morning, I was less surprised than I was defeated when I saw my chin in the mirror.  This zit has literally changed the contouring of my face, it’s so big.  I no longer have the same smile.  Mr. Mock looked at me and recoiled.  Once he got over his horror, he said, “Sweetheart, I don’t even think that’s a zit.  I think that’s some sort of horrible infection and you need to see a doctor.”  THAT is how much of a freak of nature I am – he actually tried to say it was something other than a monster zit just so I could maintain some dignity.

No amount of make-up or concealer will cover this thing.  It’s like a beacon.  I’m pretty sure it’s visible from space, and am genuinely concerned that Google Earth might hone in on it as some unidentified oddity in need of further research.

I may actually call a dermatologist today, just because it DOES seem odd for something like a zit to be this painful.   I will keep you apprised.  Work prom is definitely tentative until such time as the enemy retreats from its position in my chinular area.

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