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Good Pranks Gone Bad

You never know when your male roommate might be a complete girl. Prank with caution.


Buckeye Bob sent me this video with the message, “How dumb can a person be?” And yes, she’s dumb. But she’s SO NICE, you guys, that I couldn’t even be annoyed at her. In fact, I kind of want her phone number so that I can sell her a Mock Dock subscription for the low low price of just $1000 annually.

That’s a steal, really.


I can’t help it. I love love love love stuff like this. I was grinning through every second of this video.

I SO WANT something like this to happen to me. Except I have AT&T now. So clearly it won’t.

But I can still hold out hope I’ll be in the middle of a flash dance mob.

You got traded for a hot dog eater.

Pranks are funny.

That’s all.

Oh, and so are the Japanese. And hot dogs.

And the Japanese that eat a lot of them. Seriously, that’s comedy.

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