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Awesome Advertising

I love this.  You know there’s someone at Pizza Hut whose job is to be in charge of figuring out what catchy new slogan or phrase to put up on the signboard, and you kinda have to think that whoever that person is just woke up in the morning without a creative thought in his/her head, and said, “Screw it” and decided to state the obvious.

And you know what?  I would eat at that Pizza Hut JUST BECAUSE of this sign.  I love it.  The only way it could be improved is if it said, “We have pizza and restrooms.”  THEN it’d be perfect.

You Know What I Love?


I cannot tell you how much I love Hot Box Pizza.  It is SO GOOD.  And you know why?  Because they make pizza so thin that it’s pratically transparent.  I LOVE super thin crust pizza.  The thinner and crispier the better.  Pizza Hut used to be the masters of thin crust pizza, and then it was Donato’s, but neither of them compares to the awesomeness that is Hot Box. 

AND, they have the best breadsticks ever.  They totally copy Noble Roman’s breadsticks, except that they must add some sort of extra double super awesome ingredient which makes them taste like Noble Roman’s breadsticks magnified with awesomeness to the power of 10.  Times pi.

And you know what I found out today?  The Hot Box that opened up fairly close to my home DELIVERS.  So Mini-Mock and I are happily munching on saltine-like thin crust pizza and breadsticks, and I’m watching him enjoy it every bit as much as I do, and I’m realizing, this is what parenting is all about.  Passing along the joy of Hot Box to my offspring. 

My work here is done.

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