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Holy Awkward

I haven’t watched American Idol this entire season, you guys. That is HUGE, because you know what a superfan I was. But no one interested me, and without Paula’s drunken antics it just didn’t seem like as much of a draw.

Until last night’s season finale. She reappeared, and her entire appearance was SO FULL OF AWKWARD. Just watch.

PS – Bret Michaels showed up too, even though he’s all aneurisimified and diabeetus-ified and stroke-ified and whatnot.


GET IT? She’s acting like Ellen because Ellen is taking her place on American Idol!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!! Paula is so clever! HA HA HA HA HA HA! GET IT???


There there, Paula.

The Judges Mourn Paula, And Victoria Beckham SMILES


It’s really kind of adorable how sad Simon seems over Paula not being there.  But riiiiight when you start sort of thinking, “Aww – it DOES sort of suck that she’s gone” then BLAMMO – cut to Victoria Beckham being positively adorable about filling in.

She’s going to completely fabulousize the crap out of Idol this season.

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New Game Show


P.S. Don't forget! County/State Fair photo contest going on RIGHT NOW! See here for details: FAIR CONTEST!

American Idol Might Be A Liiiiitle Less Crazy Next Season


According to this, Paula Abdul may not return for next season’s American Idol.  Her manager talked to the LA times and said,  “She’s not a happy camper as a result of what’s going on. She’s hurt. She’s angry.”

“What’s going on” is that Paula hasn’t yet received a new contract proposal, even though auditions for the next season are already underway.  Interestingly, Paula’s manager has been her manager for just a few weeks now.  So he’s either a publicity genius and taking this story public so that the producers scramble to give Paula a zillion skillion dollars, or it’s really TRUE that the producers don’t care if Paula comes back one way or another.

The manager went on: “I find it under these circumstances particularly unusual; I think unnecessarily hurtful. I find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven’t stepped up and said what they want to doVery sadly, it does not appear that she’s going to be back on ‘Idol.” 

Paula tweeted about this yesterday by saying, “I’m actually moved 2 tears upon reading the enormous amount of tweets showing me your kindness, love, & undying support. God bless all of you! If it weren’t for you, this specific time and situation would feel a whole lot worse!”

Reports about what she may or may not have been drinking when she tweeted that have not yet been released.

P.S. Don't forget! County/State Fair photo contest going on RIGHT NOW! See here for details: FAIR CONTEST!

You’re Not Going To Believe This


You guys.  I hope you’re sitting down for this.  It turns out, that Paula Abdul used to be addicted to pain killers.  Shocking.

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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Idol Recap – Top 11 – CALLING ALL GOKEHEADS!


Jump in for the American Idol recap of the Top 11 – It’s Country Week – so I’m especially hostile this evening.  🙂  But I love me some Danny Gokey, and I’m still feeling all sorts of proud of my “Gokeheads” name.  So let’s begin.

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And So It Begins.


We’re down to the top 13 on American Idol.  And this is the point in the season where I get even more obsessed with the show than I already was, which I realize is unfathomable to many of you who know me personally and hear me talk about it incessantly.

I have every intention of doing my weekly recap of the performances, and for those of you who don’t care what I think about the performances, or American Idol for that matter, feel free to just skip these posts altogether.  But for those of you who DO watch the show, I want to hear your thoughts on the performances too.  So COMMENT for crying out loud.  It’s no fun just talking to myself.

Jump in for the recap of Michael Jackson night!

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DRAMA On American Idol Set


GUESS WHAT!  There’s going to be all kinds of dramatic and awkward and uncomfortable tension on the AI set this season, starting now.  You know why? Because Paula Abdul apparently told OK Magazine that she thinks having a fourth judge blows. She said, “Kara and I have known each other for years and we get along great.  But we tried four judges before and it doesn’t work.” 

I would beg to differ, seeing as how Kara has been pretty cool so far this season, and balances out Paula’s drunken stupor quite effectively.

Anyway, Paula went on to say, “It takes so much time for each of us to give our opinion that it slows down the pace of the show.”  You know what slows down the pace of the show?  When Paula starts rambling incoherently about moths and lemon trees or whatever it is that she’s daydreaming about during the performances.

As you might expect, Kara was none too pleased to hear all of this.  She told Access Hollywood,  “Paula has a right to her opinions, but I was disappointed by her comments, and hurt that she did not address them to me in person.  I am proud of my contributions to the show and remain excited about the rest of the season.”

Kara: 1
Paula: -20

Tatiana Totally Twitters To Tell Her Tearful Tale Of Tragedy

So do you guys twitter? Because I don’t.  I know if I did, I would immediately cease having any sort of normal life, because I would become so addicted to it that I would never sleep.

But you know who DOES twitter?  Tatiana Del Toro, the supreme psycho wackjob who was mercifully kicked off American Idol last night.  And do you know what she twittered shortly after that glorious event?


Shortly thereafter, she said, “Cheaters apparently do win.”  Gawd.

The funniest thing of all?  She responded in earnest to a fake Paula Abdul twitter account, and doesn’t appear to actually GET that it’s fake.  Fake Paula said, “Bitch, please. You know you’ll be in the wildcard round! You live to entertain. Now please hand me my drink.”  Which is completely hilarious, right?  And any person with half a brain would realize that’s clearly not Paula Abdul, but someone IMPERSONATING Paula Abdul, but Tatiana Del Toro is so completely out of her mind that she responded by saying, “i will be back. someway, somehow, i will be back. nothing can stand in my way. this is my destiny!”

Then again, this could be a fake Tatiana twitter account too.  But I kind of don’t think it is.  I really think this is her real account, and that she really is this delusional.

I hate her so much, but now I’m kind of hoping she’ll be in the wildcard show just for the drama.

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