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You Know What I Love?

I love how itty bitty kids are such parrots.  I mean, at times that can be totally embarrassing, but mostly it’s just hilarious.  Having a three year old has required that Mr. Mock and I censor ourselves somewhat, lest Mini-Mock picks up naughty words prematurely.  This is much easier for me than for Mr. Mock, incidentally.

Anyway, one of the joys of parenting a parrot is that you can tell your parrot to say anything you want, and they will happily repeat it as often as you ask them to.  I LOVE this.  Bunny was over recently, and we were eating pizza, and we were discussing the deliciousness of pizza and trying to imagine what sort of person wouldn’t like pizza, and Mini-Mock chimed in and said, “Who doesn’t like pizza?”  And Bunny looked at Mini-Mock, and said to him gravely, “Pinko Commies don’t like pizza.  Say it, Mini-Mock.  Pinko Commies don’t like pizza.”

And now, whenever you ask Mini-Mock who doesn’t like pizza, he says gleefully, “PINKO COMMIES!”


Have you tried this with your little parrots?

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