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This Day Had All The Makings Of An Epic Failure…

…but it ended up being ok.

Why did it start out so badly?  Because on my way to work, in the middle of the road, was the biggest turtle I’ve seen free-roaming in Indiana ever.  And it was just sitting there.  It was alive, and his head was out of his stupid giant shell, and he was just watching oncoming traffic, as if to DARE US ALL to run him over.

You have no idea how tempting that was.

But then I remembered about the giant, hairy, disgusting spider I killed in my kitchen this past weekend, and the sickening nauseating puke-inducing crunch it made when I stepped on it, and I imagined that sound magnified to the power of a zillion if I ran over that stupid turtle, so I just swerved like everyone else and shook my fist at it, and tried to calm my dry heaves.


But then the day got better, because there were no more turtles involved, and I’m currently making tater tot casserole for dinner, which I am very much looking forward to, because I love it, and which Mr. Mock is very much looking forward to, because he’s not having to cook, which as you know, is exceedingly rare in our house, and the only reason I’m continuing this sentence at all right now is to see just how long I can make it before it becomes really obnoxiously run-on-tastic.

I think that was probably about the limit.

Anyway, here’s some owls.


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