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Ladies And Gentlemen: I Give You The Worst. Movie Preview. EVER.

This is the teaser trailer for Marley and Me, a movie starring a golden lab. Oh yeah – and it appears that Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston each have small supporting roles as well. This is like the dumbest preview ever, in that it gives you absolutely no indication of what this movie is about, except to suggest there’s a lot of running in it.

Someone in their marketing department should be fired over this.

New Couple Alert


Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson were recently seen frolicking about in Peru in their respective skivvies.  Jury is still out on whether Woody is reaching toward or away from Owen’s crotchular area.


Deborah Gibson’s Surgeon is Hard of Hearing


I imagine the conversation right when she was going under the knife went something like this:

Debbie: I’d like my nose to look like Reese Witherspoon.

Surgeon:  Owen Wilson?  You bet.

Debbie:  No – I want it to look less smashed.

Surgeon:  Right – the guy from Wedding Crashers.  I got it. 

Debbie:  Wait – no.  You need to do me up pretty.

Surgeon:  You, Me and Dupree?  Yes – I’ve seen him in that one too.  Count backwards from 100.


The Good News: Owen Wilson is Recovering From His Suicide Attempt. The Bad News: He’s Got Really Hideous Friends.

Does this kind of mullet have a name?  What exactly do you call a mullet which involves a bald top AND dreadlocks that cascade right into a sea of backhair?  Suggestions?

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