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Do You Want To Hear The Dumbest Thing Ever?

According to this, the reason that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen look so retarded when they pose for pictures is because in order to create their “signature smiles” they smile whilst saying the word “prune”. 

But that’s not even the dumbest thing ever.

The dumbest thing ever is that I read that, and immediately looked in the mirror to smile and say “prune” so I could see if could replicate their retarded smiles.  Happily, I could not.  Unhappily, I will never get back the 10 seconds which I spent saying “prune” into the mirror.

It Wasn’t Just A Fluke! Ashley Olsen SMILES NOW!!

At least, I think it’s Ashley smiling, and not that other one.  The other one continues to look like she’s lives in a shelter. 

It’s a little creepy to me that this is how they pose together, but whatever.  THERE IS SMILING.


This is one of the Olsen twins! I know!  I didn’t recognize her either!  It doesn’t even matter which one it is.  The point is, she looks like a normal, smiling, and I’ll even go so far as to say CUTE person.  I didn’t think either of the Olsen twins were capable of looking like anything other than ghosts with too much mascara and huge duck lips, so I consider this Really Big News.

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