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Clintonian Cackle

Is anyone else’s blood turning cold at the sound of this hyena? SHE COULD BE PRESIDENT, people. This is no laughing matter.

I Do Not Appreciate Madonna’s Arms


I appreciate toned arms as much as the next person.  But enough is enough.  When your arms are so muscular that they start looking like the tentacles of a squid, you need to lay off the power Pilates.

News Flash!


Capris on men (aka Manpris) really make guys look gay.

Prepare to Gouge Out Your Own Eyes


I give you Exhibit C:  Proof that breast implants last far longer than anyone needs them to.

Mean People Live a Long Time


Leona Helmsley, tax evader extraordinaire and arguably one of the world’s sexiest women, has died at the ripe old age of 87 from heart failure. 

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