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Nicole Richie Got Married…

…and unfortunately, it appears that the bottom of her dress literally exploded at some point:

She doesn’t seem hurt by it, or even embarrassed.  In fact, she looks quite happy.  Despite the fact that her dress has exploded all over her.

She’s a trooper, that Nicole Richie.

ATTENTION TOWNSPEOPLE: Another Hollywood Name Has Been Born

Nicole Richie had herself another kid, and named him Sparrow James Midnight Madden.

SPARROW.  Like the bird.

It cracks me up how they throw an arbitrary “James” in there, as if adding it will somehow cancel out all hippie “Sparrow” and “Midnight” names.

I don’t feel like finding a picture of Nicole Richie for this post, so here’s something more interesting.


Nicole Richie’s Uterine Area Is Occupied Again

Nicole Richie is expecting another baby.  I’m so glad, because it’s so much nicer to see her pregnant and normal looking versus this:


Didn’t See This Coming

According to this, Nicole Richie is coming out with a new book.  Now, of all of the millions of topics you might expect someone like Nicole Richie to make a book about, would you ever guess COOKING!?

Yes. She’s coming out with a book of her own personal recipes.  As if to suggest that she eats. 

Maxi Dresses

Have I mentioned to you guys how much I hate these trendy long dresses that all of Hollywood is wearing these days?  It’s such a lazy design, really.  I mean, I think what’s going on here is that designers are just flat exhausted from coming up with new crap, so they collectively decided to just relax for a bit and make dresses with no actual shape to them.  Hey Dolce – I bet Gabbana said – hows about we just cut a giant piece of fabric and throw in a few holes here and there for appendages to stick out of, and we get Hollywood to think it’s the newest bestest thing even though it’s a design that flatters absolutely no one?  Great idea, I bet Dolce said.  And there you have it.

You know who would look really good in the dress that Nicole Richie is wearing?  The curtain rod over in the bathroom at my mother in law’s house.  This would work nicely as a shower curtain in a floral bathroom.

Nicole Richie Will Be a Fantastic Mother

Nicole Richie, setting an example for expectant mothers everywhere,  was seen recently giving her unborn infant the life-giving and essential nicotine every growing baby needs.  



Have you ever seen a more vacuous, hollow, and empty-headed trio in your life?  Seriously.  I’ve seen tree stumps that look smarter.

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