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Eskimo Kisses!

Apparently, this kind of greeting is popular not only with Eskimos and toddlers but also Aussies.  Is it just me, or does Nicole Kidman look four billion years old in this picture?  Is it the neck vein?  Is that it?

Nicole Kidman’s Face Is Out Of Control

This is a woman who INSISTS she’s had no work done to her face.  But look at her.  There is NO WAY she’s botox free.  This isn’t about just retouching or airbrushing or even the normal aging process, this is about her not being able to smile normally anymore.  This is about her having Meg Ryan lips.  This is about her looking more and more like an alien.

Look how pretty she used to be back in the day.


Here’s what Nicole Kidman looks like TWO WEEKS after giving emptying a baby out of her uterine area. Seriously, what kind of alien freak is Nicole Kidman?  HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? 

Nicole Kidman’s Uterine Area Is Now Empty

A baby girl named Sunday Rose emerged from Nicole Kidman’s uterine area this morning.


Separated At Birth?

Nicole Kidman on Pregnancy: 'We're Very Excited' | Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman

I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or what, but Nicole Kidman is starting to look an awful lot like:

I’m so depressed

This is what Nicole Kidman looks like at 6 MONTHS PREGNANT. I don’t think I will ever be this thin…EVER. Here is what an average six-month pregnant belly looks like:

And basically that’s what I think I look like right now…without being pregnant. Oh well. I’m not really depressed. But, it is fun to make all of you look at a pregnant belly. You know what else is fun? Googling to try to find images of pregnant people. I’m sure my IT guy will be very confused by my history tonight. All in a day’s work I guess.

Nicole Kidman Continues Her Really Photogenic Streak

These photos of Nicole were captured during her husband’s concert in Australia.  It must make Keith Urban feel really good to get this kind of adoration and attention during his concerts.


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Nicole Kidman is furrowing her brow.  I repeat.  Nicole Kidman is able to furrow her brow.

Yes. That’s Really Her.


X17 vultures captured this photo of NICOLE KIDMAN shopping for maternity wear, looking about as youthful as Jessica Tandy did in Driving Miss Daisy.



Nicole Kidman blah blah might be blah pregnant blah.


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