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Mariah Carey Continues To Be Annoying

So in addition to getting kajillion dollar wedding rings for each other, Mariah Carey and her new husband Nick Cannon got his and her tattoos.  Which they are happily displaying in this photo.  It was sort of a given that she’d get some stupid butterfly tattoo, and she added the Mrs. Cannon, sort of in an understated way, right down the center of the butterfly spine.  Typical trampstamp, for sure, but not completely obnoxious.

Now look at his.  What the hell?!??!  The only thing I can say is that dude seems to be quite committed to her.

I Don’t Mean To Get All Political, But Liberals Are A Bunch Of Crybabies.



So apparently, all sorts of liberal bloggers are having major freakouts over the fact that top Democrats, including Obama, Hillary, and Howard Dean, are appearing on Fox News.  They’re all, ” The party leaders are turning their backs on the base!  They’re legitimizing Fox News! Waaaah!!!”

The founder of the Daily Kos even said that Democrats are “idiotic” to go onto the Fox network.  According to this article,  liberal bloggers have been taking an active role in trying to get Democratic leaders to BOYCOTT Fox News to reduce their credibility.

This is so totally retarded.  I thought liberals were all about appreciating diversity and respecting everyone’s feelings, blah blah blah.  But I guess that only applies if you agree with them. 

Like it or not, liberals, lots and lots of people watch and enjoy Fox News.  And like it or not, Fox News is considered a major news outlet/source.  So you know what a smart thing to do is if you’re a Democratic leader?  GO ON FOX NEWS.  This shows people that you’re not a complete pussy and that you’re not afraid to be asked pointed questions by <gasp> a person with possible conservative viewpoints. 

I can’t believe that this is something liberal bloggers even waste time getting upset over.  Their problem is that they think their opinions are the only ones that matter, and therefore the candidates should only care about them.  But if they had any sense they’d realize that it’s important for the candidates to try to appeal to as many people as possible, not just one little teeny tiny fanatical group of lefties.

End of rant. 

P.S.  Word on the street is that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon didn’t get a pre-nup!

P.P.S.  See?  Now this post is officially back to normal mockdockiness.


This Is So Totally Awesome

On the right:  Mariah Carey’s engagement ring from Nick Cannon.  On the left – the engagement ring Nick Cannon gave to his previous fiancee.  IT IS THE SAME RING.  Suck on that, Mariah.  I hate you.

In related news, several news outlets are now reporting that Mariah and Nick already got married in some super secret ceremony. 


Big News

Guess what!  Someone loves Mariah Carey enough to marry her.  While other sites are reporting that the big news is that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are engaged, we here at The Mock Dock see the bigger news as simply that someone LIKES MARIAH CAREY and is voluntarily committing to spending a lifetime with her.  Enormous gigantic ring aside, the fact of the matter is that someone is going to subject himself to SHARING A LIFE with Mariah Carey.

I don’t know about you, but I’m shocked at this news.   Someone clearly needs to pull Nick Cannon aside and explain to him what he’s getting himself into.

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