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Let’s Write A NeverEnding Story!

Let’s do a Mockdock experiment.  I want us all to write a story about this couple.  They are just too hilarious not to make up a story about.  I will start.

The holidays for Maureen and Bruce Nesbitt always started out the same.  The annual Christmas greeting photo card.  This year, they were overjoyed to be able to include their new puppy, Buster, in the photo.  Maureen orchestrated the outfits, and was excited to try out her new side-ponytail hairstyle that she found in an old Tiger Beat magazine in her Grandma Eunice’s attic. She had also stocked up on her favorite Bonne Bell rouge especially for the photo.

Bruce, meanwhile, at Maureen’s behest, had agreed to “get a little wild” for their photo, and parted his hair on the opposite side of what he was accustomed to. 

The story of how they met is legendary.  They met…

(OK mockdockers, it’s your turn.  Let’s keep this story going!!)

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