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The Worst Thing You Will See This Week

BEHOLD: A “music” video of some chick who apparently wants to be Teri Hatcher, co-starring LEVI JOHNSTON.

It’s so painfully horribly terribly bad, you guys. First of all, because Teri Hatcher v.2.0 CANNOT SING. And secondly, because she chose LEVI JOHNSTON as the person with whom she wanted to co-star in a “music” video. Why would someone DO that? Why?

I’m not entirely sure what actually happens, but I THINK Teri’s mom is mad at her for dating Levi Johnston, which makes sense because Levi Johnston is pretty much any mother’s worst nightmare. And Teri’s mom appears to hire a cop to pay off Levi to stay away from the daughter. Although, I’m not entirely sure it’s a payoff. I honestly have no idea. And then there is crying and Levi standing in the rain. GRIPPING.


Do you think in about, say, 10 years from now, that music videos will just be Actual Naked People having Actual Sex? I mean, I’m not trying to be a prude or anything, but seriously – it’s all about desensitization. Which means that a decade from now, it’s entirely likely that this video will be considered totally tame.


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