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Best. Mugshot. EVER.

According to this,  this crazy dude was arrested for all sorts of stuff the other day.  I didn’t pay much attention to the crimes because LOOK AT HIS FACE.  That face alone is criminal.

But kind of hilarious.  I mean, if you’re being arrested for being a lunatic,  you may as well TOTALLY WORK IT for your mugshot.

I Have To Say…

…that as far as mugshots go, this one’s pretty awesome:

In case you hadn’t heard, Paris Hilton was arrested last night for cocaine possession. She hired a big fancy lawyer and sprung out of jail without bond, and says the purse the cocaine was in isn’t hers.

Isn’t this like the third time that’s happened in the past couple of months?

Anyway, her mugshot is actually really pretty.  Since this is her third one, she’s had some practice.

Best. Mugshot. EVER.


I regret to inform you all that I have no idea who this is or what this person was arrested for, but I could NOT LOVE THIS PICTURE ANY MORE.   The crazy eyes, and the crazy teeth, and the crazy moles – all of it.  I love it.

If I’m ever arrested for anything, I can only hope my mugshot is half this awesome.

Come ON, You Guys


I know you get all mad at me when I mock un-fixable facial features on people.  But I think this particular photo calls for a little latitude on the following grounds:

1.  It’s a mugshot, which means that in all likelihood, this dude is probably a criminal.
2.  I am a person with a large forehead, and therefore am uniquely qualified to judge other large foreheads.

So, there’s my justification for the rest of this post.  Now I’ll simply say what I intended to say before feeling a need to explain why I was going to say it.

Holy mother of crap, this dude’s forehead is ridiculous. And it’s not even that it’s just enormous, which it obviously is.  It’s that it looks like someone angrily took a fork to it. 

Suddenly, I’m feeling like my forehead is really really pretty.

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