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Best. Pants. EVER.


I mean, everything about this couple is hilarious, but dude’s pants are my favorite.   And he kind of looks like a cartoon version of Michael Bolton, which makes me giggle.

They Said It Wouldn’t Last…

…and they were right!  Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan have called off their forever-long engagement, probably after discovering that they actually ARE as boring as everyone else has been saying.

Michael Bolton Memories.


Remember in the movie “Office Space”, the character Michael Bolton calls the former pop star pictured above a “no talent ass clown”? Haha. Yeah, good times.

Michael Bolton is Frisky


Michael Bolton was seen frolicking around on the beach with fiancee Nicolette Sheridan. Although I’m not sure if you can actually classify this as frolicking.  It’s more like soft core porn.  The thing that makes me giggle the most about this picture is that Ashley Judd used to date him.  Which means that Dario gets MICHAEL BOLTON’S sloppy seconds.  Nice work, Dario!


Shown below is Dario coming to the realization that he got Michael Bolton’s sloppy seconds.  And Ashley being horrified that someone has told him.


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