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So, this is the forecast for Indy this weekend. Nice, right?  But can someone please explain to me the nuances between “mostly sunny” and “partly cloudy” and “mostly cloudy” and “partly sunny?”

I’m looking at the Saturday forecast that says mostly sunny, which to me implies that there will be very few clouds.  And yet, there is more cloud cover in that picture than in the one for Sunday’s forecast, which says “partly cloudy.”  Wouldn’t you think that “mostly sunny” would have LESS cloud cover in the picture than “partly cloudy?” 

You can imagine, then, my total bewilderment about how much sun to expect tomorrow.   I mean, if I’m to believe the picture, then there’s going to be a lot of clouds.  And yet the description reads, “mostly sunny.”  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHICH IS IT?

If I were in charge of weather descriptions and weather pictures, I would establish a rule that you could never again use the word “partly” to describe the weather.  Only “mostly.”  That way, if it’s going to be “mostly sunny” people know that for the most part, they can expect a good deal of sun, but they might see a cloud or too.  And if it’s going to be “mostly cloudy” then they’ll know that the sun may only peek out once or twice during the day.  These “partly’s” are totally throwing me for a loop, and the pictures only exacerbate the problem.

Then again, it’s Indiana, so it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that it could snow tomorrow.

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