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I Guess I Shouldn’t Complain About Rollercoaster Days, Because I’m Not Mel Gibson’s Ex-Girlfriend

I don’t know how much more audio of Mel Gibson being a total psychopath there is, and it’s kind of ridiculous that they keep releasing it in small chunks, but more came out today. And as always, this is totally filled with horrible language.

I’m not seeing how he’s going to NOT get charged with something. The guy is INSANE.

More From Mel

And the crazy continues.


Yeah. He Needs To Be Put In Jail Now.

So more audio got released today of Mel Gibson being a complete lunatic. If you want to hear a truly rabidly insane man GOING OFF on his ex-girlfriend, feel free to click right here.

The heavy breathing is downright scary – almost scarier than the foul language – because he is so obviously deranged and if he weren’t separated from this chick by a phone line, she would be totally dead. I’m convinced of it.

You know what’s sad? That there’s probably a whole bunch of women who would still date this monster.

Mel Gibson Is A Raving Lunatic

WARNING: All sorts of bad language. This is the audio of Mel berating the mother of his, I don’t know, like 47th child or something. They’re not together anymore, and in the midst of a custody battle, and it’s no surprise really – considering this is how he apparently talks to her.


Mel Gibson Sort Of Explains Himself, But Not Really

Wow. I love that Jay kind of corners him a couple of times, and it’s clear that ole Mel is nervous and fidgety. And seriously – who gives a rat’s assular area if his girlfriend can play piano? I mean, REALLY?

I loved the Susan Boyle reference SO MUCH.

Mel Gibson Apparently Likes Children


Mel’s new girlfriend is reportedly pregnant with his kid, because OF COURSE she is.  Mel’s obviously not content with the 4752 kids he’s already got (give or take), and so to stay Forever Young he took his Lethal Weapon and gave his new girlfriend What Women Want. 

See what I did there?

I know.  Lame.

I Have Just Lost All Respect For Mel Gibson


First of all you guys, WE SURVIVED BRITNEY.  It was so super fabulous.  I’m not going to write anything about it till later when I have a chance to download a pic of us in our Britney get-ups.  But I’ll give you all the scoop in a bit.

ANYWAY, about 87 seconds after Mel Gibson’s impending divorce was announced, he has already decided to step out holding hands with his new and obviously much younger girlfriend.

Is there anything more tired and cliche than a middle aged dude who divorces his wife for a much younger woman?  Seriously.  It’s just so so so so tired.

In other news, despite rumors of THEIR impending divorce, all is well in Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick land.  They are, in fact, going to have twins with the help of a surrogate.  So sweet.  So unlike Mel Gibson.

More later, guys.  Off to have a leisurely, fattening, glorious Chicago brunch.


Mel Gibson is officially forgiven for having weird facial hair. Thanks to Daisy’s friend for forwarding the link to her so she could forward it to me.


P.S. Isn’t it weird how colonel is pronouced kernel? I’ve always kinda hated that.

What Has HAPPENED To Mel Gibson?


You guys – I used to totally DROOL over Mel Gibson.  Remember that movie he was in with Jamie Lee Curtis where he played a guy who was frozen in time and then was defrosted many many years later?  And he looked like this in it.  That was in 1992.  And normally, over the span of 17 years, people tend to look, you know, older.   But often with men, they end up looking even better.  Men age so much more beautifully than women for the most part.  I hate to say it, but it’s true. 

EXCEPT when they’re Mel Gibson.  Because when they’re Mel Gibson, they apparently turn into this:


Do you see what’s happened here?  Mel Gibson didn’t just get older looking.  He got crazy looking.  His eyes before were all dreamy and sexy and come hithery, and now they just look deranged.  He looks like someone who would drink a lot and then scream bigoted hateful things at a police officer.

Oh wait.

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