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You Know What This Made Me Think Of?

It made me think of that time when I got that HUUUUUUGE zit on my chin.  Remember? I’m not kidding you.  It kind of looked like the GIANT PROTRUBERANCE that this idiot voluntarily implanted into her head.

What in the holy hell is wrong with people?  That whole body modification/alteration stuff is completely stupid and totally hideous, and I feel kinda bad for making you see that picture, so here’s a happy meerkat:

You Know What I Hate?

Canker sores.  I have one of those annoying, sting-y, little owies inside my lower gumline.  The kind that you are sort of able to forget about until you eat, like, an orange or something, and are suddenly plunged into a big ole vat of pain.

You know what Mr. Mock does when he gets a canker sore?  He BITES IT OFF.  That’s how much of a badass he is.  He’s always telling me to do that, but I can’t because a) I’m too much of a wuss and b) I rather enjoy whimpering about it and having him pay sympathetic attention to me.

You know what will totally make me forget all about my canker sore?  The fact that Daisy and I are leaving Sunday for a girl trip to Chicago!  AND we’re even taking Monday off so that we can stay a night and then shop and eat our collective assular areas off.  It’s going to be fantabulous.

So – you’re probably wondering why there’s a baby meerkat attached to this post.  Let me just say this:  I searched for an appopriate picture that would go along with the canker sore theme, and nearly lost my lunch over what came up on my screen.  I figured it’s Halloween, and you guys deserved something not awful to look at.  So Happy Halloween!

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