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A Little Something For The Straight Men

How To Properly Ride A Mechanical Bull – Watch more Funny Videos

I am completely in awe of this chick. I mean, even if she has somehow choreographed this entire thing, that is remarkable. No hands.

I’m impressed.

Last Night’s Activities

So last night, Mr. Mock and I tagged along with friends J and Big E, and a couple of their friends to what they told us beforehand is basically the Indiana social event of the year.

It was a Barn Party, held in the huuuuuuuge stables of a guy who is probably the wealthiest person I have ever met ever. The stables (along with this dude’s 17,000 square foot home) sit on around 1000 acres in southwest Indiana. Coming up to the property, it looked like a concert venue – hundreds of cars and huge lights surrounded the stables. Just outside the stables, several wine and beer stands were set up, along with heat lamps for those people who wanted to mingle outdoors. Inside the stables were tons of tables, and all the BBQ you could ever hope to eat, as well as a live band, a mechanical bull, and several exotic animals in cages in addition to the horses. There was a huge lion, who HATED MY GUTS, as well as an adorable baby tiger, and a giant elk, as well as llamas, goats, and a zebra. IN THE MIDDLE OF INDIANA.

Here’s the lion hating my guts:


So, J and Big E had told us a bit about the owner of the property before we arrived.  Apparently, he is an avid hunter, and has been all over the world hunting competitively.  And, once he kills something, he has it stuffed and brought back to his home.  J and Big E told us that he has a room in his home that is FILLED with all of his animal trophies.  And that perhaps we might be able to get to see it.  They said there was a huge polar bear in the front entryway of the house, and that all of the animals in the home were personally killed by the owner.

We met him, and he was probably the least pretentious, and most friendliest dude you can imagine.  He was welcoming and warm and chatted with us for a bit before he took us on golfcarts from the stables to the main house.

And you guys, the animal trophy room was totally as billed, except that there is really no way to adequately describe it except like this:

Only instead of being dark and rustic looking, it was bright and light. And in the center of the room was an 18 foot crocodile that the owner had killed somewhere in Africa. I asked him when his next hunting trip was, and he said that it would be in February somewhere in Central Africa, and that he was on the hunt for 3 animals which I’ve never even heard of. Apparently it costs THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars not only to GO to these places, but also to ship the animals back and have them sent to the taxidermist, and then transferred back to his home. I have no idea how many animals were in that room, but I would guess that there were several hundred, and he had 30 more waiting at the taxidermist. LOOK:



As it happens, stuffed lions have a lot more tolerance for me than the live ones do:


The whole evening was completely bizarre and awesome and by far the most unusual party I’ve ever been to. And there were 3800 people there! Craaaazy.

Anyway, we didn’t get home till terribly terribly late, and I didn’t wake up until terribly terribly late this morning, and so I’ve been behind on the posting.  All in all, a very interesting weekend, what with the David Cook encounter at my mammogram and the lovely room of death and all.

Mechanical Bull vs. Landbeast



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