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Soooooo Sad.

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Remember that movie with Susan Sarandon and Nick Nolte – Lorenzo’s Oil?  You guys – that was one of those movies that I cried at so hard that I was literally choking on my own sobs. The kind where you are blinded by tears and horking up mounds of snot.  I cry at a crapload of movies, but there are only a handful that have made me cry that hard – and they include Awakenings, My Life, Steel Magnolias, Schindler’s List, and much to my own horror, Powder. (Don’t even ask.)  Anyway, Lorenzo’s Oil is also one of those movies.  And the real Lorenzo has just died at age 30.  Which is about 20 years longer than they thought he’d live.

Bad stuff generally happens in threes, and since we’ve lost Lorenzo, Harvey Korman, and Sydney Pollack this week, we should hopefully be pretty well death-free for awhile.

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