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Let’s Make A Bet

That’s Brangelina’s daughter, Shiloh.   You’ll notice that she has short hair.  Apparently, that’s a Big Deal to some people.   Personally, I think if you’re a mom of a four year old, and you want to cut that four year old’s hair, then have at it.  It’s your kid, and if you like your kid with short hair, then yippee for you.

But here’s the problem.  According to this,  the short hair wasn’t Angelina’s decision.  She says, “It’s not my choice. I have a very strong-willed four-year-old girl, who tells me what she wants to wear and I let her be who she is. I think people think kids should be a certain way, but I feel they should wear what they feel like wearing and they should express themselves. Shiloh cried one night and said, ‘Please cut my hair off. I don’t want to have long hair.’ I’m not going to leave it long because somebody thinks I should.

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  SHE’S A FOUR YEAR OLD.  If you’re the mom of a four year old, and your four year old cries that she wants different hair, and you don’t particularly WANT her to have different hair, then you say, “No.”   Now, some parents might think that’s not a fight worth having, and that’s cool.  They get to make the call, because they’re the parents.   But for Angelina to suggest that she is somehow powerless over her “strong-willed” four year old and that it’s “not her choice” is absurd.  It IS your choice, Angelina.  YOU ARE THE PARENT.

So here’s the bet.  In about 12 years, I bet you that kid is going to be the BIGGEST NIGHTMARE ever, because her parents bought into the nonsense that they should just “let kids be who they are” and not, you know, provide boundaries and discipline.  They’re probably going to be their kids’ “best friends” too – instead of parenting them.


More Gross Stringy Long Hair


Remember a few days ago when I posted about how I hate uber long hair?  Here’s more.  And see – here’s the thing.  If you cut off that crap at about where her sternum is, like riiiight about the place where I believe Hello Kitty is peeking out of her sweatshirt, she could have really beautiful hair.  But she had to go and ruin it so that the ends of it look like vacuum remnant hair.


You Know What I Hate?


I hate hair that goes past, say, the middle of a person’s lower back.  That Crystal Gayle, long, mousy stringy brown hair.  This doesn’t look good on anyone.  And seriously – how much of a pain must it be to try and take care of it? 

Come to think of it, perhaps the reason it always looks so mousy and stringy and gross on people is because of how much of a pain it is to take care of.

You know what I hate most about this kind of hair? The way that women who have it tend to act as though others are actually envious of their hair, versus the reality, which is that everyone is grossed out by it.


You Know What I Hate?


I HATE when football players are allowed to have this kind of hair.  Mr. Mock and I have settled in this evening to watch the Colts game, and Bob Sanders’ hair flashed on the screen, and I said to Mr. Mock, “You know what?  I hate that hair and I need to mock it.”

And he said, “You know whose hair is even worse?  Troy Polamalu from the Steelers.”

And it IS.  That hair is out of control.  And you know what I think?  I think if you have that hair in football, then your hair should be fair game for pulling.  I think an opposing player should be able to grab onto that hair with both hands and yank you right to the ground.  And if some of your hair comes out in that player’s hands in the process, then you TOTALLY DESERVE IT for having that hair in football. Long hair doesn’t belong in football.  Long hair belongs on girls or rockstars.


Kate Hudson Doesn’t Wear Make-up To Airports

I know – shocker, right?

You know, I want to like Kate Hudson.  I really do.  But the problem with Kate Hudson is that she allows her little boy to look like this:

I recall reading somewhere that Kate won’t cut his hair because HE likes it long.  Which means essentially that Kate Hudson is allowing Ryder to parent himself.  If my son said, “Mommy – I would like to keep my hair long so that people can’t really tell, upon looking at me, exactly what gender category I fall into” you know what I would say? I would say NO.  And then I would start calling everyone I know to tell them that my two year old was using phrases like “gender category.”

Anyway, it’s called being a parent.  Your kid doesn’t get to call the shots on this kind of stuff, Kate.  Do the right thing.

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