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There is word floating around that Natasha Richardson (wife of Liam Neeson and total vision of gorgeousness) has suffered a major head injury in a skiing accident and is in critical condition.

I hope hope hope that it’s all just a big ugly rumor and that she just sprained an ankle or something.

So to send good karma her way, here’s a St Patty’s Pup wishing her luck. (Thanks, JayTee!)

UPDATE: Both Fox News and the New York Post are reporting that Natasha is braindead and being taken off life support. So so so so so so so sad. 🙁 Still holding out hope that there is some awful mistake happening here.

Hey Liam – Whatcha Got Goin’ On There, Fella?

<insert the voice of Stewie from Family Guy here>

A little too much to drink there, Liam?  Got a little carried away in the bar, did you?  Lose control of your bladder a little bit, hmm?  Need a change of clothes maybe?


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