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Guess Who Still Needs A Sandwich?

Lara Flynn Boyle.  LOOK at her thigh.  There is an unmentionable part of Mr. Mock which has more girth than those thighs.

You know what she needs?  A turkey, bacon and cheese flatbread sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Have you guys had one of those yet?  Daisy and I first experienced them on our trip to Chicago, and now we are both kind of obsessed with them.  If you haven’t tried one, DO IT.  It’ll be your new favorite breakfast food.  And perhaps word will spread to Lara Flynn Boyle.

Lara Flynn Boyle Has Issues

What the heck has happened to her?  She used to be all angular and sharp edged and sophisticated looking. And now she looks all puffy.  Yuck.  And before you start commenting on how tacky it is that she went to a red carpet event barefoot, there is something you should see.  After the jump, there’s a possible explanation for why she couldn’t find shoes.  But I’m warning you, you can’t unsee it.

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You know what’s awesome about this clip? It’s an interview with Stephen Baldwin, who is (arguably) a Hollywood celebrity, talking about how silly it is for people to care about what Hollywood celebrities think about politics. So it’s like he’s making a point and then cancelling out the making of his point by saying no one should listen to his point, all at the same time. It’s actually kind of mind blowing if you start to really think about it.

That said, I totally agree with him. Even when he says that McCain will be the next President of the United Straights. Hee!

Hey – did you guys ever see him in that movie Threesome? I so totally loved that movie. Lara Flynn Boyle was in it too – back in the day when she was a normal weight and still looked human. Anyway, it was about 3 college roommates – 2 guys and a girl – and the girl was in love with one of the guys, but the guy she was in love with was gay and he was in love with the other guy, but that guy was in love with the girl, and so everyone was in love with the wrong people, and in the end they just had themselves a threesome. Several times even.

I just discovered you can actually watch that movie in its entirety on youtube. YAY!

What In The World Has Happened To Her?

You know who that is??  It’s Lara Flynn Boyle.  I’m not kidding!  That’s really her! Her face is totally sliding off of her head, which I believe is the purpose of the blue ribbon – so that it kind of stops at her neck before sliding all the way down her whole body.


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