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Does this creature have teeth?

Also, is that a bruise on her chest or HAIR?


I’m Not Kidding, You Guys. DO NOT WATCH THIS.

I’m putting the most disgusting landbeast video of all time after the jump, because an alert and astute and TOTALLY CRUEL mockdocker sent it to me and said, “I watched this because I was led to it from your post about the landbeast reality show, and now you have to watch it too.”

And then I watched it, and within about the first 2 seconds I was seriously ready to hurl, but instead I watched the WHOLE THING, my jaw on the floor, in total disbelief. And I don’t even know WHY I was in disbelief, because it’s not like landbeasts are a new thing at the Mock Dock, but STILL.

So I’m just saying, DO NOT WATCH THIS. And if you DO watch it, you cannot say I didn’t warn you.

It’s after the jump. BUT DO NOT WATCH IT.

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It’s Exhausting To Be A Landbeast

At least, it appears to be.



The strongest chair in the universe.

This Sign Is Priceless

It’s a tsunami hazard zone, you guys.

Green Technology

Bunny sent this to me days ago and I forgot to look at it until just now. This is the newest in green technology, a car fueled entirely by french fries and donuts.

Massive quantities of french fries and donuts.

Speaking Of Giant Boobular Areas…

…I don’t know of a way to slow this down to verify, but I’m pretty sure this chick gets slapped in the face by her own boobs.

Which, considering the circumstances, is just salt in the wound.

But hilarious. đŸ™‚

Handy, But Unfortunate.

Look!  She comes with her own stability ball!


Your Friday Landbeast

It’s kinda awesome that this person is able to be comfortable ANYWHERE.

I just feel bad for the luggage.

Attention Townspeople: This Is What Teamwork And Expediency Looks Like


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