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Remember when K-Fed was a svelte back-up dancer for Britney Spears?


Kevin Federline Enjoys Inactivity And Food


Well, I guess I can’t really say that with total certainty.  He might be active and hate food.  But I think the evidence sort of speaks for itself.

Hey – did you guys hear that Britney Spears might be getting paid skillions of dollars to write her autobiography?  Yeah.  I have trouble believing that Britney can spell her own name, let alone write an entire book.  So basically she’s getting paid skillions of dollars to allow someone else to write about her, which is what people do all the time anyway.  Including me.  On this blog.

Well played, Britney.  Well played.

You Can All Relax Now

The Britney/Kevin child custody battle is over.  Kevin has won sole legal and physical custody and Britney will continue to get visitation, which could increase in the future if she continues to not be as much of a lunatic as she was a few months ago.

Let’s face it.  Those kids were screwed no matter how this all played out in court.

Britney and Kevin: Reunited?

Rumors abound that K-Fed and Britney are hanging out again, exploring whether or not there is anything salvageable about their “relationship”.

But more importantly, Look!  She’s drinking water instead of a redbull or frappucino, AND she has on a bra!  Baby steps, everyone.  Baby steps.

Kevin Federline Has A Unique Golf Swing


See what I did with the title there?  I tried to draw your attention away from the fact that K-Fed has become a total WHALE by saying something about his golf swing.  And so instead of commenting on his ENORMOUS WEIGHT GAIN, I’d like to point out that he makes a funny face when he is trying to make contact with the ball.  Which would be easier for him to do if not for a GIANT BELLY being in the way.

See?  I’m not like all those other mean blogs who are trying to call attention to how FAT he’s gotten. 

I Have a Confession To Make


I saw this picture of K-Fed somewhere and vaguely remember skimming the associated article and I think it had something to do with producing music and whatever sort of career aspirations he might currently have.  In short, I didn’t really care about the content.

BUT here is the part where I have to shamefully admit how easily distracted I can be.  After looking at this photo, I then spent the greater part of 10 whole minutes trying to replicate this gang symbol.  And I cannot do it.  WTF?

Another Sign of the Apocalypse


Instead of bemoaning the decline of America for allowing Kevin Federline to be a) on the cover of a magazine and b) declared as one of the most influential men under 45, I’m just going to assume that the editor of Details magazine is under the impression that “influential” actually means “enormously fertile and the better of two evils”. 

Britney – The Drama Continues

So TMZ reports that today Kevin Federline and Britney Spears are face to face, together, in the same room, for their first court mandated co-parenting class.  TMZ also reports that within the first few moments of this encounter, Britney ran straight to the bathroom in tears.

We’re still waiting on word about what set Britney off – it was either the pressure of being near her ex and having to get parenting advice from court-appointed strangers, or they ran out of snacks.


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