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I know.  There’s been all sorts of Important Celebrity Goings-on recently, including Britney going brunette, Kellie Pickler dating Kid Rock, and Kendra Wilkinson getting married and probably all sorts of other crap I care nothing about but typically like to mock, but this is an important day, you guys.  I have an annnouncement to make.

Brace yourselves, for what I am about to tell you will require some careful consideration.

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Kellie Pickler Looks Different


Remember when Kellie Pickler first showed up on the American Idol scene, and she was adorable and normal looking?

Looks like she’s spending all her money on trying to look like Joan Rivers now. 

She can’t even be 25 yet, for crying out loud, and she’s already turning into one of those plastic surgery stepford people.


I Would Like To Pet Kellie Pickler’s Monkey


And I say that in all seriousness, because LOOK at her monkey.  She just got this precious 3 oz marmoset monkey, and I want it.   It’s not fair that she has a 3 oz marmoset monkey and I do not.  How is that fair, I ask you?  It’s not, I answer.  It’s just not.

Daisy and I are on a bit of a mission right now, to find a place (preferably stateside) where we can interact with a chimpanzee.  We’re not talking a zoo or some other lame place where you can only LOOK at chimpanzees.  We want to play with and cuddle and hang out with chimpanzees.  Do any of you know of such a place?

You Know Who Looks Good In Cornrows?

No one.  “Zero” is a rough estimate of how many people look good in cornrows.  Kellie Pickler, as you can see, is no exception.

Europe is a Country, Right?

Miss South Carolina, congratulations.  You have company.

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